Warm congratulations to Pearlk in the new three board listing success


Through the joint efforts of all staff, Shanghai Pearlk Chemical Co., Ltd. allowed to share in the small and medium enterprises in the country share transfer system (referred to as the "new three board") successfully listed in March 7, 2014. Stock abbreviation “Pearlk”, stock code “430661”. April 10, 2015, We hold landed the "new three board" listed bell ceremony in Beijing National SME share transfer system limited liability company.

The "new three board" listed success, marking the Shanghai Pearlk Chemical Co., Ltd. officially visit the capital market, it is a milestone on the road to the company's growth, while the company's strategic development objectives to achieve new important driving force, marking the company's since then, the development has leapt to a new level.

In the future, Shanghai Pearlk will continue to uphold the "integrity, professionalism, quality, service" concept of development, make full use of the "new three board", and continuously improve the company's social benefits, worker income, shareholders' equity, chemical materials industry to become influential at home and abroad advanced manufacturing enterprises.